News from the ISO — May 2019
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News from the ISO — May 2019

In April, I introduced that the ISO has undertaken a group of strategies to improve its ability to inform, the members and member groups, inter groups and our volunteers of its activities, train our volunteers, and improve the efficiency of the office. The estimated cost for these projects is slightly over $800,000.

The cornerstone of our fundraising efforts continues to be our members, member groups, and Intergroups, especially through our Lifeline Partners. However, in recent years we have had individual members make inquires of the ISO if they could provide substantial personal donations. The ISO is willing for these donations to occur. If the individual donation exceeds the limits set by the ISO, the remainder of the funds are placed in the Houston Endowment Fund. The ISO has an account in this fund and the Board of Trustees can periodically remove some of these funds of meet the budgetary needs of the ISO. In-addition, the 7th Tradition Committee will invite 20 members of the fellowship who are able to donate $20,000 each to jump-start some of these projects. All donated funds are ultimately placed in the ISO General Fund and the Board decides how to spend the money.

In the ISO Fellowship we have the following registered member groups: 1865. Estimated number of individuals: 18,650 (est. 10 members/group).

If the major donors are not found, the cost to the registered groups to support these projects is about $150/group/yr. (above their usual donations) for 3 years. The average cost to each individual member is about $45(a one-time gift above his or her usual donations).

In Service,

Bob H.,
Trustee ISO Board