News from the ISO — July 2019
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News from the ISO — July 2019

The Board has been faced with two challenging issues this month.

First, there are many registered SAA groups in the U.S. that conduct their meetings in a manner that are not consistent with SAA program principles. Some of the variations are more significant than others and the Board is trying to develop a policy that allows us to approach these issues. Some of the activities are local issues which represent issues of autonomy (Trad. Four) and the ISO should not intervene. Our plan is to identify attributes of an SAA meeting, to decide the loss of which attributes would constitute loss of registered status. We also need to develop a consistent approach to dealing with these meetings and how to handle complaints that come to the ISO.

The Board has been reviewing our Strategic Goals this month and plan a review in August 2019 and also at our face-to-face meeting just prior to our Annual Conference in October 2019. We may have to adjust the number of projects we had planned since donations to the ISO has been less than anticipated. The Fellowship can donate only what it is able. When expenses exceed income, the expenses need to be decreased (like at home).

In Service,

Bob H.,
Trustee ISO Board