News from the ISO — January 2019
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News from the ISO — January 2019

During the December Board meeting the Finance & Operations committee reported that it approved funding to send the Project Manager of the PI & CPC to attend the 2019 Psychotherapy symposium in Washington D.C. SAA will have a booth at the meeting and will provide information about our recovery program to the participants. The ISO provides information to professional groups several times per year which then helps therapists refer their clients at the local level.

The Board delayed consideration of the 2019 ISO budget until January 2019. The delay was the result of waiting to finalize financial information on important projects for the upcoming year. This will require a significant initial financial investment and ongoing support, but the Board feels this project will allow us to improve our support of our members, those that have yet to enter recovery and the infrastructure of the ISO.

In Service,

Bob H.,
Trustee ISO Board