News from the ISO — March 2019
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News from the ISO — March 2019

During its February meeting the Board approved establishing the SAA Connect Project. This project will allow the ISO to provide our message of recovery to underserved areas: foreign language, women, young adults, those geographical areas that struggle to have meetings or find sponsors, improve communication between the ISO and its members, stream ISO Convention workshops and presentation, better inform the public in-general as well as law enforcement and therapists of SAAs message of recovery, and provide training for our staff and volunteers.

The start-up costs will be about $10,000 and annual cost of around $63,000 per year, a significant portion of the annual cost will go to paying a new office staff to manage this program. At this time, we do not have the funds to start the project, but the Board felt confident that our fellowship will step up to support SAA Connect as it has for so many important endeavors in the past.

The ISO does not accept directed or restricted donations. Rather all donations go into the General Fund and the Board (fulfilling its legal and fiduciary responsibilities) disperses the funds based on its strategic goals. The Board has identified SAA Connect as a priority so the appropriate funds will go to this project.

In Service,

Bob H.,
Trustee ISO Board