News from the ISO — March 2018
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News from the ISO — March 2018

The ISO Board of Trustees met Thursday, 2-15-2018 to Sunday, 2-18-2018. The primary purpose of the retreat was to do long-range planning to meet our needs for the next 3 to 5 years. The following goals where the result of this process:

  1. Financial Goal

Increase revenue by 20% each year for the next three years with 2018 being the base (gross income of slightly over $800,000)

  1. IT Goal

Upgrade software and hardware to support ISO operations

  1. Volunteer Goal

Recruit and train to decrease turnover of volunteers so the functions of the ISO are optimally supported

  1. Diversity Goal

Increase by 20% (base of 2018) in our membership and those working for the ISO in the areas of ethnic groups, gender, age, and non- English language

  1. Board Development Goal

Better prepare its member to carry-out their financial and fiduciary responsibly to the ISO and the Fellowship

Although not a strategic goal, the Board is preparing to search for a new Executive Director. Our present director will retire in April 2019.

Bob H.,
Trustee ISO Board