News from the ISO — June 2018
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News from the ISO — June 2018

The principle embodied in Step 12, Tradition 5, and Tradition 7 is that our recovery in SAA naturally leads to service to our fellowship. The paradox is that “service to others helps us to stay sexually sober ourselves, regardless of the benefit that others may receive from us.”

The shortage of volunteer service workers at the level of the ISO is so great that we are soon going to have problem populating our Board and its committees. The Conference is struggling with similar issues in filling their committees. All of this is going to compromise our ability to serve our member groups and to deliver the SAA message of recovery to the sex addict who still suffers.

At the local level many of our groups can not provide sponsors for new members and it continues to be a problem to get enough members in our Intergroup to allow it to function.

Certainly, the choice to be of service is a personal decision but we need to recognize that we all need to payback to the fellowship which has allowed us to have a sane life.

In Service,

Bob H.,
Trustee ISO Board