News from the ISO –November 2019
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News from the ISO –November 2019

At the ISO Annual Conference, held on the weekend of October 12, 2019; one of the business motions defeated was to postpone the Area only Conference till 2021. This means that our member groups and Intergroup can no longer send voting delegates to the conference, but the only delegate can be sent is the one chosen by the Colorado ISO Area Assembly. The Colorado Area GSRs, will meet in December 2019 to organize our Area Assembly and develop our operational structure that will allow use to conduct our business. I would ask that you encourage your member groups to send their Area GSR to our Area Assembly. This is accomplished by sending a request to the Area Coordinating Committee (A.C.C.) at the ISO office. I can help groups make this application.

Elections of the Board of Trustees was also held. I was elected for my second term of three years after which I will leave the Board. I would hope a member of our Colorado fellowship will run for my position. We especially would benefit from the addition of women to our Board of Trustees. Please notify your members that this service position will become available. I am very willing to visit with those who may be interested.

In Service,

Bob H.,
Trustee ISO Board