News from the ISO — MARCH 2020
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News from the ISO — MARCH 2020

The 2020 ISO Budget includes $48,962 for PI/CPC and 7th Tradition initiatives. This has been reduced from the 2019 budgeted amount of $63,008.

At this time, we have funds available for Philip to attend eight national conferences for social workers, psychologists, sex therapists, and general therapists. These meeting are important to attend so that the professions become aware of SAA and that we can have ongoing communication with them through our local state PI/CPC committees.

Also, we have budgeted for four -four hour in person workshops for PI/CPC/7th Tradition. These sessions will identify and train local members, to work with professionals, to serve as a resource to get their clients to SAA recovery programs.

In Service,

Bob H.,
Trustee ISO Board